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Register Login Username:. Forgot password? Topic Print. July 08,pm icecast and ssl. I am having problems enabling SSL for the Icecast pages I have SSL properly configured on my website. My problem is the Icecast pages do not serve SSL. I made the same changes here.

icecast https

I am unable to see the encrypted page, I can only see the encrypted domain and the IP. The icecast instructions say it should be one file the private and public key.

I took the private key pasted it into a pem text file and then pasted the public key in after it. July 17,pm, 1 Re: icecast and ssl. So I was able to get this to work I now have 2 Icecast ports active on the same stream For some reason, Icecast does not consider these SSL packages as dependencies to the install so it will not automatically add them.

I don't remember if Centovacast installs these dependencies I think they do?? I highly recommend using the Xiph repository. Setting up SSL with Icecast 1. This works with Icecast2 and icescc or liquidsoap 2. Get your certificate, format the certificate in PEM format, include the private key and entire trust chain. Pay very close attention to how you create this file. If you do not copy and paste things properly, you will have problems. Copy your certificate into a directory that can be accessed by the service running icecast 4.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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I am trying to make work icecast 2 and my letsencrypt SSL with no luck. So far what I did is built icecast 2 with openssl support and I also made it run but it always give the next error in the log file.

I have set these cert files readable by user: richard and of course I am also running the server itself with the richard user.

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Nothing so far. The problem was the SSL not the configurations.

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So instead of using that, I have copied the content from cert. Learn more. Asked 2 years, 1 month ago. Active 1 year, 5 months ago. Viewed 7k times. Maybe you have any idea what is wrong? Any help appricated. Marcell Marcell 2 2 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges.

Active Oldest Votes. Actually, I solved the issue myself.

icecast https

I am a genius!!! RTFM would have saved your day. I did not reach out for a while that we have to compile icecast with SSL support by our selfe. If it helps someone in future, i followed this steps to solve this. You should concat fullchain. Otherwise you will have problems with some clients.Broadcast an audio source remotely from any studio, or stream locally on the server side or both.

Automatically switch back and forth between live disk jockeys and an auto dj. Push listeners to live feeds, playlist archives, general rotation, etc. Read more in our Introduction To Icecast. Drive listener traffic through an adaptive content delivery network routing mechanism to reduce latency. The dynamic network paths across the information Superhighway are constantly caching data. Let an intelligent component determine the fastest, most stable, route from point A to B in real time.

Now, end users traverse Internet hops like roads on a GPS for a more consistent connectivity. Avoid packet loss. Enhance experience.

How to create IceCast Streaming Server Free

Domain names help mask the IP addresses or various other hostnames associated with a parent company. Vanity urls, in turn, keep listener links on brand and their appearance authentic by hiding ugly datacenter details. As the web shifts more and more toward an SSL standard, non-https coded pages are causing unwanted browser warnings and alerts.

Secure streaming transmits data through an SSL encryption tunnel. Common firewall settings often prohibit the use of streaming port ranges — at work and school. An alternative is to provide a web server port 80 proxy for loyal listeners to tune into during the nine to five grind. First upload an intro file to welcome new listener connections. The newest software development packages a web player, as well as other copy and paste widgets, for easy integration into websites.

The design also improves statistical interactivity and tracks listener behavior for analytics and royalty reporting purposes. Try the demo.

Domain Name Extensions. TLDs Register Transfer. Why Icecast Server Hosting? Intuitive Automation. Progressive Data CDN. SSL Streaming As the web shifts more and more toward an SSL standard, non-https coded pages are causing unwanted browser warnings and alerts. Port 80 Proxy Common firewall settings often prohibit the use of streaming port ranges — at work and school.

Centova Cast Panel Icecast server hosting control panel. Centova Cast Demo. Icecast Server Hosting Plans Custom packages are available upon request. Order Now.

Sign Up. Cancel at any time.SHOUTcast vs. Icecast: Which streaming media server software should I use?

icecast https

And in this post, you'll learn more about them, plus Steamcast, a radio server software that we also offer at CloudRadio. Before we compare Icecast vs. Clients are devices or programs that access the services of a server, e. They are both electronic devices that process data following instructions. Servers are also deployed in data centers and accessed remotely. Uptime is the measure of the time a server has been online and available.

What features should you get from a streaming media software? The list of functions a particular server software like Icecast can perform are varied and complex.

The latest versions of Icecast, Steamcast, and Shoutcast allow you to have multiple streams in one radio server. Your radio can have two streams; a high-quality stream e. And a low-quality stream for listeners on limited data plans or slow connections. You can even create multiple streams with different content. Some radio servers have a maximum limit on the number of listeners allowed to connect simultaneously.

If the maximum listener count is 1, for a radio server with three mountpoints, the server will only accommodate a maximum of 1, listeners across all mountpoints, and not 3, Server statistics are essential to any broadcaster. Streaming server software collects two types of stats. Active connection data like the number of current listeners. Cumulative stats like the total number of listeners for the past 30 days.

A YP directory is a web catalog that lists registered radio streams. Listeners who visit the YP can discover and listen to stations. When you create a public stream using Icecast and Steamcast, it's automatically added in the respective YP. SHOUTcast has a more lengthy procedure that requires you first to register your stream on their website.Formulation of the problem. However, a warning about the presence of mixed content appears in the Internet browser when you visit the page of the site, since the broadcast is via the unprotected http protocol.

Required to eliminate mixed content. To this end, it was decided to organize audio broadcasting over the https secure protocol using Icecast2 and IceS2.

Despite the fact that the developers of the server Icecast2 claimed SSL support, you must compile the server from the source code.

SHOUTcast vs. Icecast: Everything you need to know

Here is a procedure for compiling and installing an Icecast2 server using a certificate from OpenSSL. However, at the moment browsers swear certificates generated by openssl. All the operations described below were performed on the Linux Mint distribution. This is necessary in order to facilitate the task of configuring the server Icecast2. To create the latter, copy the contents of the fullchain. Make sure that icecast. The lines indicating the path to the SSL certificate and the https port must be uncommented.

Instead of ssl, tls can be written in the file - I did not see the difference. It should be clarified that via http-port there is a connection with IceS2 or a similar application that reads audio data and transfers it to Icecast2 server. In the absence of it, this whole construction will not work. This error is found on the Internet very often. Open the ports and in the Internet browser and again make sure that everything works. However, it did not work for me.Install and configure Icecast listenning on Install nginx.

Create directory. Install certbot 5. In your icecast virtual hosts file you have specified two separate server blocks for icecast. You can combine them into a single block or if your goal is actually to redirect all http traffic to https then you can specify a catch all server block for any traffic on port 80 like this:.

If you prefer to merge the two server blocks into one you can specify an if directive within the server block but before any location blocks like this to redirect all http traffic to https:. An unescaped period in regex means match any character and you have not specified a position in the url for this expression to appear, it will match anywhere.

In regex the caret specifies the beginning of the string, but in Nginx this actually means something different. Here it is not specifyingn a regex match but a prefix, and the caret tells Nginx to stop evaluating any further possible matches after this one has matched. Finally, and most usefully, instead of having a single location block proxying the request directly to the icecast server you should create another upstream server within Nginx to receive the proxied request and relay it to the icecast server.

Would you be so kind as to explain exactly how do you do this? Thanks for this! Nginx and icecast2 both works fine with this config, nginx will serve on port 80, iceacast2 is happy on port but there is no redirection to https happeing when i visit the url in http. If i type the url with https, no connection. Hello, very good tutorial, but I am under debian 9 Icecast 2.

Single Shoutcast/Icecast Listener Grabber Installation

The translation for Apache is possible? Need urgent help on the subject! Contact me by email if you can.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content 1. Install nginx 3. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Would you be so kind and help me? I found it!Is icecast a professional grade solution? Very much so.

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ICEcast is an industry standard platform used by thousands and thousands of radio stations all over the world. Its wide compatibility means people can listen with most players and operating systems.

Although incredibly simple, it can cope with even the heaviest demands and will not break under pressure. Its simplicity works to the broadcaster and listeners favor. How easy is it to use icecast?


ICEcast is actually very simple to use. You can use free software like Winamp to broadcast, which can be installed on any internet connected Windows computer. There are also solutions available for Apple and Linux users. You can also consider these other tools compatible tools Broadcasting Software — Audio Streaming.

Icecast has mountpoints which means it automatically transfers listeners from the Auto DJ to the Live streaming and back again without having to manually turn anything on or off. So you connect and all the listeners are transferred from the autodj to the live streaming and then back again when you are finished. Pick a Plan and you will be heard around the world, Internet Radio is way to do it.

Accounts have unlimited traffic but a bitrate and listeners limit. All this plans include the AutoDJ with all its great features for free. How we support it?

Just upload your files, create a playlist and start streaming. Multi DJs If more than one DJ performs on your station, you may find it desirable to delegate limited access to the control panel to each DJ.

This is made possible through the use of DJ accounts. Live Source Switching If your live broadcast loose the connection or if your live broadcast simply ended, the control panel automatically switch to your default playlists in your Cloud AutoDJ as a backup to your Internet Radio. Additionally you can broadcast live whenever you like.

Fallback a short audio that listener will listen if your live feed get disconnected until your live feed is live again. Station Exposure Icecast Directory where you can reach thousands of listeners. The Scheduled playlist type allows you to schedule these shows in advance and have them play automatically at the appropriate date s and time s.

No Hidden Fees. Start to stream in 3 simple steps. It will work well for any music broadcast, or as a higher quality option for voice broadcasts. See 32 kbps Plans. See 64 kbps Plans. See 96 kbps Plans. See kbps Plans. Our Peak Hour Plans give you the flexibility to do more.

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