Salmar ocean farm 2

We have the coastal areas and this will continue to be the core salmon production in the coming years. In these areas we will still be at the forefront with an uncompromising focus on cost and a desire to always do things a little better tomorrow than we did today and yesterday.

In addition, we want to lead the development of offshore farming, utilizing the fantastic ocean for the production of salmon. We will strengthen this work through our newly-founded company SalMar Ocean. We have achieved good biological results at Ocean Farm 1 and harvested fish of fantastic quality. For us, this was a major milestone. It confirmed that offshore farming truly is a sustainable means of production. Meanwhile, subsidiary MariCulture AS is finalizing the design phase of a larger and more advanced offshore cage, Smart Fish Farm, which will be placed in the open sea.

The second generation, meanwhile, has overcome some brutal weather to perform even better, with mortalities and sea lice also kept at stable low levels.

With a net height of 70 meters, a diameter of meters, and the capacity to host three million smolts, the Smart Fish Farm is twice the size of Ocean Farm 1.

SalMar is currently working with Norwegian authorities to find a suitable location to test the concept, and while the current focus is to use this system in the open ocean off Norway, inquiries have begun pouring in from other regions, including Asia, Europe, and North America.

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Aquaculture leaders see tech advances as key to future growth.

Second escape from Ocean Farm 1

October 8, SalMar subsidiary gets green light to convert development licenses. July 9, October 21, SalMar posts strong Q2 results off good biological performance, high prices.Salmon farming giant SalMar is facing an official investigation following the escape of salmon from its giant offshore platform Ocean Farm 1. The Directorate said in a press release that a preliminary investigation showed damage to one of the nets to be at least six metres long, but added it did not want to comment further until a more detailed examination had been carried out.

The damage is stated to be approximately six meters long. The company is conducting recapture in the area and has so far reported the capture of about 40 individuals.

The fish has an average weight of just over 5 kg. The extent of the escape will not be clear until the fish has been slaughtered.

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Ocean Farm 1 is thought to containsalmon. In a similar incident two years ago a number of salmon were able to swim out of the cage after the structure tilted and water entered an inspection hatch which had been accidentally left open.

Offshore salmon farming “the right direction” for SalMar

Built in China, Ocean Farm 1, now located in Trondelagis and managed by SalMar subsidiary Ocean Farming AS, represented a major step in advanced aquaculture technology when it arrived off Norway more than three years ago. It has already achieved great success with significantly improved fish health and a sizeable reduction in lice incidents.Harvest volumes totalled 27, tonnes, down from 31, tonnes in for the same reasons.

The harvest prediction for this year is up by almost 10 per cent to 30, tonnes. This is largely attributable to higher price achievement. The group was also confident about the long term prospects for Arnarlax, its Icelandic subsidiary, in which it took a controlling interest a few week ago.

Although described as a young company, leading the development of sustainable aquaculture in Iceland, last year was seen as challenging for the business due to disease and a high rate of attrition.

As a result, revenues fell from NOK Total group revenues last year reached NOK This strengthens us in the belief that farming salmon further out to sea is the right way to go. Such promising results boost our confidence as we embark on the next phase of our strategy of farming fish in locations further out in the ocean, where salmon can be produced on their own terms.

The specially designed deep water fish farm is intended to be positioned in harsh environments in the ocean, where both sea temperatures and ocean currents are optimal for salmon.

Aquaculture, he warned, was vulnerable to fierce competition and to changes in the economic cycle. In addition, the sector was investing heavily to meet a number of environmental and biological challenges.The company discovered a tear in the net after escaped farmed fish were caught in the area.

The hole is temporarily secured, and work is being done to clarify the cause of the rupture, among other things. The extent of the escape is not clear, but the company is recapturing fish the area. The fish have an average weight of just over 5 kg, the Fisheries Directorate reported in a press release. It is the second escape from Ocean Farm 1. In Septemberaround 16, salmon were able to swim out of their cage when the farm tilted after water entered an inspection hatch that had been accidently left open.

A few metres of the top of the net were up to 18cms under water for a short period of time, allowing fish to escape. It also wants pictures of any catches. Notwithstanding the escapes, Ocean Farm 1 has been a success for SalMar, which has reported few lice problems and good fish health in the two crops of salmon grown in the cage.

The eight temporary development permits SalMar was granted for the project have since been converted into commercial food fish licences which would otherwise have cost the company millions to buy. Customer Service Subscription Advertising. Subscribe Subscribe Already subscribed?

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Smart Fish Farm to dwarf Ocean Farm 1: SalMar

Shining a light on photoperiod. Phospholipid fine tuning benefits fry, says feed maker. Production milestone for wood-to-feed producer.

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Most read. Mowi hires Huntsman to track down best broodfish.MariCulture applied for 16 Norwegian development licences — which allow companies to offset the cost of research and development by enabling them to grow more salmon - and was given eight.

The Smart Fish Farm concept is based on a semi-submersible steel structure consisting of a wide centre column and a surrounding framework mainly with circular cross-sections. The framework stretches supports netting panels that provide eight separate chambers. According to the company, there will be room for two permits of tonnes per chamber, so the Smart Fish Farm will be half-full.

SalMar has extensive industrial infrastructure in the region. It will withstand substantially more exposed areas and have twice the capacity.

But the main difference is that in the central closed column will be equipped for processing fish, control and management of the unit, as well as an advanced system for transporting fish related to the eight surrounding production chambers. SalMar said MariCulture will now put in all the necessary resources to realise the Smart Fish Farm, in close cooperation with leading Norwegian expertise environments.

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Related articles. Shining a light on photoperiod. Phospholipid fine tuning benefits fry, says feed maker. Production milestone for wood-to-feed producer. Most read. Mowi hires Huntsman to track down best broodfish.Read Deadline day for bold marine concepts. Smart Fish Farm will dwarf the gigantic Ocean Farm 1, the full, m breadth of which is already at sea.

salmar ocean farm 2

Ocean Farm is built for 1. In a press release, SalMar said the project aims at mitigating environmental problems and acreage restrictions faced by the industry today. That is translated to mean letting the ocean flush and aerate the site while also dispersing its sediments and breaking free of coastal fish-farming restrictions based mostly on illness and sea lice. Read Salmar set to place Ocean Farm 1. Home Contact us Jobs Facebook Twitter. Photo: Mariculture.

Another Norwegian giant is in the works. Read Deadline day for bold marine concepts Ocean Farm 1 Smart Fish Farm will dwarf the gigantic Ocean Farm 1, the full, m breadth of which is already at sea.

Mowi convicted of unfair dismissals in France. Salmones Camanchaca posts heavy Q2 loss. AquaMaof to supply 15,tonnes-a-year Nutreco-backed Nevada salmon farm. Most popular. Mowi convicted of unfair dismissals in France 9 October Salmones Camanchaca posts heavy Q2 loss 9 October AquaMaof to supply 15,tonnes-a-year Nutreco-backed Nevada salmon farm 9 October Sign-up now - don't miss any news!It may represent the first step towards a new era in aquaculture.

Based on world-class Norwegian aquaculture and offshore technology, Ocean Farm 1 aspires to address central issues related to sustainable growth in the aquaculture industry.

As a full-scale pilot facility, Ocean Farm 1 is designed to test out both the biological as well as the technological aspects of offshore fish farming. Producing animal protein from aquaculture takes less resources and is friendlier to the climate compared to livestock. Since traditional fisheries are almost fully exploited, increased aquaculture production needs to play a major part in efforts to feed future generations. Awarded first development licenses in Norway The Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal affairs recently decided to award development licenses for aquaculture purposes.

The objective is to spur new technology concepts that can ensure sufficient growth whilst also ensuring environmental sustainability. The Ocean Farm project is an answer to this the challenge, and SalMar was the first seafood producer in Norway to be awarded this type of development license.

Developed in Norway, built in China Behind the project is a unique interdisciplinary partnership between world-leading players in Norway within aquaculture, offshore and research see table below for details.

The result is a structure built on the robust technology and principles used at submersible offshore installations, while safeguarding the biological needs of the salmon. When developing technical solutions, every fish farming process has been considered, and new approaches are established for the various operating procedures.

A full-scale pilot facility The conclusion of the construction project is a significant milestone for SalMar, but the real work starts now.

salmar ocean farm 2

Ocean Farm 1 is a full-scale pilot facility for testing, learning, research and development. Aiming to reduce environmental footprints, improve fish welfare and answer acreage challenges, the learning and new solutions from the project could represent a new era in sustainable seafood production — and is potentially adaptable world wide.

salmar ocean farm 2

In SalMar, we know that as operation starts, we are entering a new challenging phase. Ocean Farming was established specifically to develop an offshore fish farming capability. Through the development and implementation of new technologies and the build-up of operational experience, Ocean Farming will acquire the specialist expertise needed for this next generation of fish farming facilities to achieve its full potential.

Ocean Farming has received grants from Innovation Norway to help fund the concept development phase. Back to top. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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