Star trek 2383

An improvement over s.

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First, the cast and the characters were finally fleshed out and portrayed properly. Picard's obsession with playing by the book and always following the rules was toned down enough for him to become a more realistically powerful leader.

Data's constant struggle to become as human as possible was amazingly explored especially in s.

star trek 2383

Worf looked like an actual Klingon warrior. LaForge assumed the much more suitable post of Chief Engineer. Arguably the greatest character improvement in s. I was greatly disappointed with Frakes' acting and Riker's personality in s. Even M. Sirtis was better unfortunately Troi herself wasn't. Unlike the most Trekkies, I Iiked Dr.

Muldaur and I would prefer if she had stayed for the rest of the show. Also the writers deserve praise for the introduction of the Borg, arguably the greatest nemesis of any Trek crew, in the gamechanging "Q Who". Not only the concept, the look and the way of the Borg were outstanding, but it signals the first time that TNG crew faced an enemy that overpowered them by a long shot and the usual happy-end outcome was too far gone Now I will not analyze much s.

The writing in most of the episodes was too problematic yet again, lacking satisfaction in the climax, seriousness and lifefull character interaction and enough intrigue overall. Also the acting and the casting for the guests was generally pretty mediocre.

Even if they tried they couldn't have ended the season more terribly I Mean I get that due to budget issues they had to make a clip episode, buy WHY air it as the season finale???

And of course to lower the quality of the season even more Wesley Crusher is around in nearly every episode!!! Overall rating: 7. Deanna is impregnated by a unknown alien life-form, and Dr. Votes: 2, The Enterprise encounters a mysterious void in space and when they move in closer to investigate further, it envelops them and they can't get out. Moriarty character accidentally becomes self-aware. The Enterprise rescues the captain of a broken-down freighter, only to become involved in a dispute between feuding worlds--each demanding custody of their guest.

Data seeks help from Guinan in understanding humor. A dying anti-social scientist unintentionally comes upon the perfect vessel in which to preserve his intellect and arrogant personality - Data. Enhanced DNA developments trigger an epidemic of rapid aging.

Caught among its victims - Dr. Under an Officers Exchange Program, Riker serves aboard a Klingon ship, whose aging captain seeks an unwarranted bloody retaliation for suspected Enterprise treachery. When Data resigns his commission rather than be dismantled for examination by an inadequately skilled scientist, a formal hearing is convened to determine whether Data is considered property without rights or is a sentient being.

Votes: 3, Wesley falls for the young future leader of Daled IV, unaware just how dangerous the girl's protective and overly restrictive guardian can be. Encountering the superior technology of a very ancient race creates system malfunctions for a doomed Federation starship, for the Enterprise, and for an eavesdropping Romulan warbird.

Director: Joseph L. Worf, Data and Riker find themselves trapped in a recreation of a poorly written novel. The Enterprise comes across its own shuttlecraft adrift in space - a duplicate - with an unconscious duplicate Capt.

Picard inside. Riker's delight at being offered a command of the USS Aries turns to frustration when the man sent to prepare him for his mission is his estranged father; Worf's behavior leads Wesley to delve into Klingon tradition. Data befriends an alien girl in distress, breaking the Prime Directive, while Wesley commands his first team.Discussion in ' Trek Literature ' started by rfmcdpeiJun 28, Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. Joined: May 7, Location: Avon. AvonJun 30, Joined: May 10, Location: The visitor's bullpen.

Is it confirmed that th'Shant was acting on orders from the actual government of Andor, rather than a few Andorians acting alone? Because that would suck if it was the case. Laser BeamJun 30, Joined: Sep 30, Location: At star's end. This is not the case.

You see, a decisive majority of andorians chose to cut their ties to the federation, will choose to join the typhon pact. This is what makes this comparison of yours a straw-man, BTW. Joined: Mar 7, Here is the critical difference. Planets or in some cases groups of planets sign up to join the Federation. Individuals join the USA, not countries. A better example would be someone deciding to Leave Nato and Then signing a defense pact with lets say China.

SjaddixJun 30, Joined: Apr 9, Location: East Tennessee. ThestralJun 30, Therin of AndorJul 1, This thread assumes that all Andorian officers are being removed from Starfleet.

STO Game Story Progresses With ‘Path to 2409: 2383’

Technically, the blurb only indicates an argument over one ship's Andorian officers:.Sign In. From Star Trek Online Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Events [ edit edit source ] Praetor Tal'aura imposes limits on replicator use and food rationing on Romulus in an attempt to preserve precious resources for the support of the campaign against Empress Donatra and her Imperial Romulan State.

Rioting ensues in the capital of Ki Baratan due to the shortages, lasting several days. Tal'aura orders several military troops to intervene, resulting as many as 2, deaths from either rioting or military intervention. Tal'aura is granted several privileges by the Senate, including the ability to declare war without Senate approval. Ambassador Spock returns to Romulus and the Unification movement, which vows to continue to "wage peace" on Romulus. Stardate Admiral Taris and the twelve vessels under her command then defect to the Imperial side.

The Cardassian government signs a new agreement with the Federationwhich will provide aid and relief. The reconstruction of Lakarian City begins, while a resurgence of interest in ancient lore among Cardassians is set off by several archaeological discoveries on the world. The Oralians start to hold services openly and seek followers among the population, both of which were previously outlawed by the Cardassian Union. The True Way continues to call for a return to a totalitarian state.

The Klingon Empire and the Federation are in disagreement over the morality concerning the former's takeover of Khitomer. The Federation Council decides not to formally censure the empire for its miliary action; however, the mere fact that the Council voted on the matter is enough for Qo'noS to temporarily recall its ambassador to the Federation.

Martok refuses, causing Councilor Qolka to challenge him in and subsequently lose a duel of honor to the death. The Doctor is found to not be the property of Starfleet, but his sentience is left for another discussion. The Doctor's counsel appeals the decision, further prolonging the case. Geordi LaForge is promoted to command the U. Source [ edit edit source ] "The Path to " — Arcgames. Category : Timeline.

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star trek 2383

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Previous year: A pivotal flashback in Star Trek: Picard episode 8 breaks the timeline of when the Romulans captured the Borg Cube known as the Artifact. Similarly, the derelict Borg starship is crucially connected to the fate of Soji Isa Brionesthe synthetic daughter of the late Commander Data Brent Spiner.

star trek 2383

The mystery of how the Romulans gained control of the Cube and turned it into the Artifact was gradually solved throughout Star Trek: Picard season 1: At some point in the s, around the time the Romulan sun went supernova, the Borg Cube assimilated the Shaenor, a scout ship belonging to the Zhat Vashthe secret faction of the Tal Shiar that bears an unassuageable hatred of artificial life.

Soon after the 26 Romulans aboard the Shaenor were assimilated, the Borg Cube suffered a submatrix collapse. The Cube was immediately severed from the Borg Collective, leaving thousands of Borg Drones aboard in stasis. The Romulans took possession of the dormant Cube and turned it into a Reclamation site housing the Borg Reclamation Project.

Controlled by the Romulan Free State and overseen by its executive director and former Borg Hugh Jonathan Del Arcothe Project reclaimed the Drones and restored their original sentience while the Romulans harvested their technology for profit.

Under the guidance of Commodore Oh Tamlyn Tomitawho is a Romulan mole in Starfleetthe female Zhat Vash members learned the ancient truth of the Armageddon that occurred hundreds of thousands of years ago when synthetics evolved and attacked the galaxy.

Although Narissa maintained her sanity, the Admonition broke the minds of the other Zhat Vash, including Ramdha.

Official Star Trek Universe Timeline - Part 1

So, it was Ramdha's insanity that somehow caused the submatrix collapse when she was assimilated. Since Ramdha was at the Admonition, this means that her assimilation and the subsequent capture of the Borg Cube also happened afterward. The problem with this is it contradicts a sign that's clearly visible aboard the Artifact in "Maps and Legends" that says "This facility has gone days without an assimilation".

This seems like a huge error but, besides the possibility that this is merely a production oversight, the easiest in-canon explanation is either the sign is simply in error or there's a disparity between the Romulan and Federation's calendars.

But otherwise, the contradictory dates is a glaring flaw in Star Trek: Picard 's intriguingly complex story, which seems inexplicably obsessed with the year After all, Star Trek: Picard now says that the Admonition, the Borg Cube's capture, the Mars attack, the synthetics banthe end of the Federation's Romulan rescue mission, and Jean-Luc Picard quitting Starfleet all happened in — a very eventful year — when the series could have simply set the Admonition in to line up with the sign in the Artifact.

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What to Expect From Atlanta Season 3.Sign In. From Star Trek Online Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Events [ edit edit source ] Federation analysts predict that the Romulan Star Empire is vulnerable to internal and external attacks due to the shakeup in the Romulan power structure.

Starfleet dispatches additional ships to the Neutral Zone border. Praetor Tal'aura removes Tomalak from his position as proconsul. Sela is chosen to succeed him as her right hand and fleet commander. Tomalak is allowed to retire to his rural estates on Romulus. Tal'aura reluctantly agrees to negotiations with Empress Donatra 's Imperial Romulan Senate to determine the location of a neutral zone, but rejects the Federation's offer to mediate the talks.

Admiral Taris is sent to the Romulan capitol as Donatra's representative. Stardate Tal Shiar investigations reveal that the praetor was attacked in her sleep. Many groups on Romulus are accused of the crime, including: an alliance of the noble houses; the Tal Shiar; and agents working for Empress Donatra who denies any involvement in the murder. At Tal'aura's funeral, Sela publicly blames the Remans and the Unification movement for the assassination.

Two hundred and seven Klingons perish in the battle. According to King Xrathis of the Gorn Hegemony, the warship commander was acting without orders. Bajor 's renewed application for membership within the Federation is accepted. The Ferengi open an embassy and gift shop near Quark's on Deep Space Nine in anticipation of increased traffic and commerce resulting from Federation membership.

Odo invites Laas to return with him to the Great Link, but his offer is refused, and Laas instead chooses to continue his search for more of the "hundred" changelings in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Starfleet transfers the Soong-type android B-4 to the custody of the Soong Foundation in the hopes that his full positronic functioning can be restored.

Source [ edit edit source ] "The Path to " — Arcgames.December 19, By: TrekMovie. Like the third installment, Cryptic is now charting its own course, going beyond the time of the Star Trek novels towards setting up the galactic war between the Federation and the Klingons. Starfleet Intelligence continues to gather reports of unrest on Romulus.

The shortages spark rioting in the capitol of Ki Baratan, and the struggle goes on for two days before the praetor orders troops to intervene. Observers on Romulus suggest that as many as 2, people could have died either in the initial riots or at the hands of Romulan troops.

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She also is granted the ability to declare war without Senate approval. Ambassador Spock returns to Romulus to take his place with the Unificationists. On Stardate The Cardassians make some gains in their efforts to rebuild their war-ravaged planet, signing a new agreement for aid from the Federation and beginning reconstruction of Lakarian City.

Excavation of several sites on the planet reveals Hebitian relics, and the publication of these finds sparks a resurgence of interest among Cardassians in ancient religious and cultural practices. The Oralians, a religious group dating back to the Hebitian civilization that was outlawed by the Cardassian Union, begin openly holding services and seeking adherents among the Cardassian population. The rise of this spiritual movement is opposed by the followers of the True Way, which continues to call for a return to the totalitarian practices of the Union.

In a narrow vote, the Federation Council decides not to formally censure the empire for its military action. Bennett rules that the precedent can only be applied to prove that The Doctor is not the property of Starfleet, and not to decide whether or not he is a sentient being. The Soong Foundation, a group affiliated with the Daystrom Institute and dedicated to promoting the rights of artificial life forms, announces that it is beginning research to create a mobile holographic emitter of its own design, with the hopes that the technology can be adapted for civilian use.

Will they tie in to the movie? In his recent interview with TrekMovie. New image?

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TrekMovie decided to monkey with the brightness and contrast to see what was going on…still not sure but here it is. What is going on here?InStarfleet uniforms underwent a slight adjustment. While still very similar to the uniforms introduced inthere were several slight differences. A UFP seal was added to the left sleeve of the uniform, analagous to the flags worn on the sleeves of many old Earth nations.

Star Trek: Remington. In addition, the rank insignia on the uniform underwent changes as well. In addition to the pips worn on the collars of previous uniforms, the new version of the uniform included sleeve insignia worn on both sleeve cuffs for officers and on the right sleeve for enlisted crewmembers.

Flag officer and, due to the creation of the Federation Marine Corps and Federation Starfighter Corpsgeneral officer service uniforms remained largely unchanged, save for the aforementioned change.

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The only important change was the addition of gold piping underneath the gray shoulder area of the uniform. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Star Trek: Remington In addition, the rank insignia on the uniform underwent changes as well.

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